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You won't feel high.
You'll just feel better.


When everyday people are asked what they think of cannabidiol (CBD), one question always comes back: How high will it make me? And even though NYC Botanics' CBD lacks the ability to induce euphoria, and despite the tremendous amount of focus from the media and the medical community in recent years, the stereotype persists. Our challenge was to change that perception and make CBD known for relief of things like anxiety, joint inflammation, chronic pain, and insomnia.


"You Won't Feel High, You'll Just Feel Better" is a campaign focused on headlines that use health and wellness terms mixed with cannabis references. In addition to this headline-driven campaign, beautiful graphics are used to help dispel the myth that CBD oil will get you high.


To create the look of a psychedelic 1970s rock concert poster but done in a 2018 style, we teamed up with the international award-winning CGI studio Illusion to bring our campaign to life. Done as wild posting throughout New York, these visually stunning posters could not be missed. We then translated the campaign to be used in social media and print publications throughout the city. We are helping to dispel the myths and cultivate a culture of wellness around CBD.


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