Celgene-explorer Hero Image


Bringing Our
Explorer's Spirit


Celgene is new to the myelofibrosis market. To demonstrate their dedication to the myelofibrosis community, Celgene needed to communicate that they are exploring new approaches to this underserved patient population.


Myelofibrosis is a rare cancer that leads to progressive and unstoppable scarring of the bone marrow. To communicate Celgene’s commitment to research in this disease state, we created a cavernous, arctic-like world made to mimic actual bone marrow fibers, then added in a team of explorers who are charting new territory in this largely unexplored environment.

“Bringing our explorer’s spirit to myelofibrosis” hints at the notion that Celgene is bringing its rich history and successes in other disease states to the challenging environment that is myelofibrosis.


Creating the final image took coordination across several teams in several different countries. First, the bone marrow/ice environment was created by PICS, a CGI studio in London. Next, renowned photographer Alex Telfer and his team shot the climbers in a host of different situations and poses at his studio outside of London. The final image was composited in the UK. Additional elements like the rope, light, dust particles, and shadows were added and final rendered over the course of two days.


Creative Floor Awards Creative Floor Awards Best Healthcare Professional Photography
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