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Delivering Dignity.


There are many conditions that can cause a woman to stop feeling sensation in her bladder, requiring her to use a disposable catheter four to five times a day. What was once an intimate and personal act done naturally now has to be relearned and lived with.

She doesn’t want others to know she has the condition, let alone that she uses a catheter. Discretion is of the utmost concern.


Our client, Hollister Incorporated, wanted to help keep her secret, so they designed Infyna Chic with the help of women and clinicians to ensure it fit into their lives, beautifully. When the Infyna Chic prototype was shared with women and clinicians, they were wowed by the beauty of the case that would provide the discretion they desire.

This focused us on the inspiration that must have been in the minds of the designers of Infyna Chic. The design sketchbooks from fashion and artists influenced us, so we created our own.


All of the details and features of Infyna Chic, as well as the sketchbook, were created in CGI to give us the most flexibility with the concept. It allowed us the ability to create animations as well as print materials. The type was created by our illustrator in five languages to accommodate all the countries that would be marketing Infyna Chic.


Manny Awards Manny Awards Best Medical Device Campaign
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