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The Get
Around Knee.


When Stryker first came to GSW, Triathlon was being outsold. Smith & Nephew had recently run a campaign targeting knee replacement candidates and had moved the market considerably with a longevity claim of 30 years. We quickly realized that in order to blunt this competition and educate patients, we needed to reframe the question from “How long will my new knee last?” to “What kind of 30 years do I want to live?”


In developing our strategy, we acknowledged one simple but overwhelming human truth: surgery is terrifying. People postpone it for as long as possible because of their fear, consequently enduring increasing pain and compromising their quality of life. So, our strategy challenged our audience: “Make sure your new knee is worth it.” The key differentiation of the Triathlon knee was all in how you viewed the knee itself–its design was circular in nature, as opposed to the oval of its competitors. This became the linchpin for the creative strategy to compete directly against Smith & Nephew’s longevity claim versus growing the whole market.


The newly christened “Get Around Knee” campaign was built to make knee design intuitive with a name patients could relate to, indicative of the freedom their new knee could provide. We wanted people to realize that they weren’t just replacing their knee but were replacing the way their knee moves. They needed to believe that the best knee replacement would move most like their natural knee–a circular movement, not the multi-radius, “oval” movement of our competitor.


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