Trulicity-empathy Hero Image


With Empathy.


Most people who have type 2 diabetes will eventually need to give themselves an injection to control their blood sugar.

But fear of needles and the perceived complications of injectable therapy make some people hesitant—and sometimes even refuse—to start the treatment they need to protect their future health.


The Trulicity Pen was designed specifically to overcome the most common fears people have about giving themselves an injection at home.

Truly unique for its simplicity and patient-friendly design, the brand had a powerful story to tell: a story that began with the real people who were out there using the Pen, as well as those whose dedication and vision made it all possible.


We traveled to the homes of Lynda and Clayton, real Trulicity users. Their primary care physician, Dr. Eden Miller, welcomed us into her office. And we talked to two of the engineers who were pivotal in the design of the Trulicity Pen. The combined stories these people shared are a powerful testimony to the patient-friendly simplicity of the Trulicity Pen.

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